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Bring the Library to You

These web browser tools will help bring Lane Library's resources to you, no matter where you are. While we'd like Lane Library's website to be your gateway to our licensed content, we recognize that links to books, articles, and journals come from a variety of different sources (Google, your email, RSS reader, etc.). Use these tools to access full text covered by Lane Library's subscriptions without starting at our website.

Lane Library Bookmarklet

Add the Lane Library Bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks or toolbar for easy access to our licensed resources. This bookmarklet works by adding our library proxy server information to the webpage you are viewing. Essentially, it's a simple way for you to let content providers know you are affiliated with Lane Library, even if you are off-campus or did not begin your search at our library website.

To install, drag this button to your browser bookmarks or toolbar

Lane Library Bookmarklet

When installed, you will see "Lane Library Bookmarklet" in your bookmarks bar. To use this tool, click on the bookmarklet when you visit a webpage with content you would like to access. For example, you may be on a journal website and reach a paywall. If Lane Library licenses that content, you'll get access after clicking on the Lane Library Bookmarklet. If you're not authenticated, you'll be prompted to log in using your SUNet ID or hospital ID.

screenshot showing Lane Library Bookmarklet in the bookmark tool bar of a web browser

This bookmarklet only works with resources Lane Library has licensed and configured to work with our proxy server. If you use the bookmarklet on a resource we do not license and/or have not yet configured, you will see an error message:

The Lane proxy server cannot complete your request because this host has not been configured properly.

We make no attempt to configure our proxy server for every resource, only those we license and for which a Stanford IP address grants access. For many resources, this bookmarklet can save you the time and extra work of searching for a resource on our library website.

LibKey Nomad

Use the LibKey Nomad extension as an alternative way to access full text from our library collections. The extension works with PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and publisher websites. After installation, search for and select “Stanford Medicine- Lane Library.” Then look for LibKey Nomad links to access PDFs directly while you search the web. Review the LibKey Nomad user guide for more information.

Note: Supplementary materials are often not available through LibKey Nomad. If you need to access the supplementary materials, please use Lane Search.


Unpaywall easily connects you to scholarly articles that are openly accessible through a wide variety of journals, websites, and repositories.

After downloading the Unpaywall browser extension, you'll see a green tab whenever you are on a page for an article where the full text is available for free.

The Unpaywall extension requires no registration is available to everyone free of charge.