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Connect Google Scholar to Lane Library

If you use Google Scholar during your research workflow, we recommend adding your Stanford affiliation to your Google Scholar account. After adding library links, you will see "Find it @ Stanford" and "Find it @ Stanford Med" links in your Google Scholar search results. Use these links to find full text copies of articles through our library resources. This is particularly useful when full text is not freely available online. 

screenshot of Google Scholar search results with green arrows pointing to the Find it @ Stanford and Find it @ Stanford Med links

How to Set Up Library Links in Google Scholar

It only takes a few moments to add library links to your Google Scholar account. Follow these steps to complete the one-time set-up process:

Step 1: Sign in to Google Scholar with your Google account

  • Start by signing in to your Google account in the upper right corner if you are not already signed in. You can set up library links without signing in, but they will only be saved for your current search session. 

Step 2: Navigate to Library Links in the Settings Menu

  • Open the menu in the upper left of the screen and select "Settings." 
  • Then select "Library links" under the settings menu. 

screenshot of Google Scholar Menu with green arrow pointing to Settingsa screenshot of the Google Scholar settings menu with a green arrow pointing at library links

Step 3: Search for Stanford and Save Settings

  • Search "Stanford" to see relevant library access links.
  • Check the box next to "Stanford University Medical Center - Find It @ Stanford Med" and "Stanford University - Find It @ Stanford"
  • Select "Save" to enable these settings and return to the Google Scholar homepage.

a screenshot of the Google Scholar Library Links with Stanford options


Seeing More Full Text Links in Google Scholar

Occasionally, some of the full text links are hidden on the Google Scholar results page. Choose the >> symbol to see additional full text links.