Find Full Text

Zotero Library Lookup

If you use Zotero as your reference management tool, there is a simple way to search for full text PDFs through Lane Library. You can use the library lookup tool to find full text links and PDF for the citations in your Zotero library. Please note that the Library Lookup tool is only available in the desktop version of Zotero. If you prefer the web-based software version of Zotero, try using web browser tools.

Step 1: Connect Zotero to Lane Library

If you want to search our library resources for PDFs in Zotero, follow these one-time set-up instructions:

  1. Go to “Advanced” in your Preferences menu
  2. Enter this link in the “Resolver” field:
  3. Select “OK” to save the setting

Step 2: Find Available PDFs

  1. Select the citations in your Zotero library that need PDFs
  2. Right-click to open up options for the citation(s)
  3. Select "Find Available PDFs" to search for freely available full text copies online
  4. Any found PDFs will be automatically attached to your Zotero library

Step 3: Use the Library Lookup Tool

Use this tool for any PDFs that you can not location through the "Find Available PDFs" option.

  1. Select the citation(s) that you want to location a PDF for in our library resources
  2. Use the green arrow menu in the top tool bar to select “Library Lookup”
  3. Go the to FindIt@Stanford webpage that automatically opens for each citation you highlighted
  4. Select a "Get full text" link if available, or try alternative options

Step 4: Attach PDFs to your Zotero Library

  1. Download a PDF from the full text source
  2. In Zotero, choose the paperclip icon to attach the downloaded PDF to your citation
  3. Now you have a copy of the PDF stored in Zotero. You can open it by selecting the blue dot in the paperclip column.