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Getting Started

Lane Library provides access to a large number of journal articles, books, and other resources. This guide includes instructions for accessing the materials made available through the library, no matter where you are. We also provide a list of tools for finding materials not available through Lane Library.

Here's an overview of what is included in this guide:

  • Web Browser Tools: Download browser extensions and bookmarklets to connect to library materials across the web
  • Google Scholar: Add Stanford University and Medical Center library links to your Google Scholar account
  • Request PDFs through DocXpress: Learn how to request materials that are not available through Lane Library using our DocXpress Document Delivery Service. We will obtain them from other libraries on your behalf.
  • Reference Management Tools: Connect your reference management software, like Zotero, to our resources for quick access to full text
  • Get Help: Contact us if need help with any of these tools or are having access issues

Login for More Consistent Access

One direct way to access the journal articles, databases, and other resources made available through Lane Library is to use our website. If you are not on campus, you can log into Lane Library using the login link at the top of the page.

login button

Once logged in, you can access full text resources as if you are on campus. You also have the option to stay logged in for 4 weeks if you are using your personal device. Select this option and you will not be asked to authenticate when accessing full text resources via our website for 4 weeks if you are using the same device and browser with cookies enabled.

screenshot of login page with three login options and check box to login for 4 weeks selected

Accessing PubMed Through Lane Library

Access PubMed through our library website to see the "Full Text Lane Library" button on your PubMed results pages. You can find a PubMed link in the Top Resources box on our homepage. You can also search PubMed in Lane Search for an access link.

Use the "Full Text Lane Library" button to connect to our library subscriptions and make requests for articles that are available through Lane Library. "Full Text Lane Library" does not necessarily mean Lane Library has the full text, it gives you the option to see if Lane Library has access to full text or not.