Multicultural Health


"Multicultural Health is a term used to reflect the need to provide health care services in a sensitive, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental manner with respect for people’s health beliefs and practices when they are different from your own. It entails challenging your own assumptions, asking the right questions and working with the patient and/or community in a manner that takes into consideration their lifestyle and approach to maintain health and treating illness. Multicultural health integrates different approaches to care and incorporates the culture and belief system of the healthcare recipient while providing care within the legal, ethical, and medically sound practices of the practitioner’s medical system" (Ritter and Hoffman, 2010).

Health care practitioners should refer to their departments for practice guidance on multicultural health and related subjects.


Ritter, L.A. & Hoffman, N.A. (2010) Multicultural Health. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.


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