Multicultural Health

Medical Racism & Antiracism

“Medical racism is the systematic and wide-spread racism against people of color within the medical system. It includes both the racism in our society that makes Black people less healthy, the disparity in health coverage by race, and the biases held by healthcare workers against people of color in their care” (Bronson, 2020).

This curated guide pulls together resources from Lane Medical Library, Stanford Libraries and other campus resources, in addition to government resources on medial racism and antiracism. For a comprehensive list of resources on medical racism, search Lane for "medical racism".

Bronson, E. (2020, July 21). What is Medical Racism?. YWCA.


The D-CORE collection is a collection of fiction and non-fiction books that support the mission of the Diversity Center of Representation and Empowerment. Highlights from the collection are listed below. For a complete list of the D-CORE collection, search Lane "D-CORE".