Open Science Reading Group

Past Meetings

See below for the list of readings from previous sessions of the reading group. Whenever possible, presentations and other materials associated with these meetings will be shared openly through our Zenodo community page.

2021-04-27 | Tool Spotlight: ORCID

This month, Anneliese Taylor led a discussion of enhancing your demonstrating your scholarly contributions using ORCID. Slides are available through Zenodo.

2021-03-21 | Tool Spotlight: Dryad

This month, Daniella Lowenberg from California Digital Library and the Dryad data repository joined us in our discussion of sharing research data.

2021-02-24 | Data Standards for Open Science

We were joined by Russ Poldrack in our discussion of the Brain Imaging Data Standards and other standards to ensure that open data are not only available but actually usable.

2021-01-26 | Open Code

Our first meeting of 2021 will be held on January 26th at 2:00 PST. The topic of conversation was open code. We had a far-ranging conversation that began with a discussion of the software citation principles. Slides are available through our Zenodo community page.

2020-11-24 | Introduction to Data Sharing

This meeting featured a very brief introduction to the many dimensions of research data sharing, including an overview of the new data management and sharing policy announced by the National Institutes of Health. We used this green paper as a starting point for a discussion about data sharing practices that fall between sharing data in a publically accessible repository and sharing data exclusively within a research team as well as the logistical difficulties of working with data collected by corporations. Slides and discussion questions are available here.

2020-10-27 | Introduction to Open Access and Preprints

This meeting featured a very brief introduction to open access, with a focus on preprints. For this meeting, we read this preprint about the role of preprints during the COVID-19 pandemic. Slides, discussion questions, and even some supplementary data are available here. The discussion portion of this meeting was very timely, as a proposal for an open access policy at Stanford was announced later in the day.

2020-09-17 | Introduction to Open Science

Our inaugural meeting was held on September 17th, 2020 at 2:00 PM (PST). This meeting featured a (brief) general introduction to open science followed by a discussion. For this meeting, we read an introductory chapter of the 2018 report "Open Science by Design" by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Slides, discussion questions, and notes are available here.